Keiko fujii

Legal & Administrative Assistance in Japan

Independent Japanese Immigration & Business Expert  

My name is Keiko, and I am an Immigration/Visa lawyer (行政書士) in Tokyo, Japan. My expertise is in Japanese law and business process. My job is to help individuals obtain Japanese visas, help businesses incorporate, and make sure licensing is obtained quickly and correctly.

I know the Japanese administrative legal system inside and out and can help you understand and overcome any complexity.

My services include Visa Applications, Naturalization, Incorporation, Business Licenses, Apostille, and Legal Translation.




2-21-5 ABC-A-8 Akasaka,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052



Phone: +81 (0)90-6311-8496 Fax: +81 (0)3-6441 2360

Areas of Practice


There are many types of Visa and Residence Statuses. See how we can help with your visa questions. Learn more.


Starting a business is no simple task, but we can take the difficulty out of your hands and let you focus on building a successful business in Japan. Learn more.

Business licensing

Staying in compliance is vital for any business. We are a partner you can trust to make sure you are properly authorized and licensed in Japan. Learn more.


Keiko is amazing. She made the impossible seem easy. I wouldn’t be here in Japan without her help.
— Scott M, Business Owner, Tokyo


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